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I'm available for freelance writing, projects and original art.

Doing a rebrand? Let's refresh your current copy!

Need more content? Repurpose & edit your copy for blogs, social media and videos.

Want unique branded art for your marketing collaterals and walls? Hand-painted custom art is so refreshing after having been glued to computers for over a year.

​Most of the projects I've worked on were start to finish projects for product lines, and I typically write all of the original branded copy... or with rebrands, I freshen up the copy. Creative branded copy with an informative slant (10 years as an educator in the beauty industry, this is second nature for me).

Product names, shade names, product descriptions, how-to-use instructions, packaging inserts, headlines, brand stories, POP displays, presentations, brochures and websites.

I also write press releases, articles, blogs, social copy, e-blasts, landing pages and video scripts. Many times, if the company is fully staffed with several departments, the copy I write is handed over to social media, digital and PR, who then convert it for their needs.


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