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Welcome to my Writing Website!
I've always had a lifelong love for words and creativity, from reading to writing to painting. My career for over a decade is marketing copywriting specializing in brand development, along with dabbling with writing books and self-publishing on the side. And the decade before that was sales and education in the beauty industry. Most of the projects I work on are product launches or rebrands, and I typically write the original branded copy from packaging to brochures to sales sheets to websites. Creative branded copy with an informative slant. I'm available for freelance writing, projects and remote work. I'm excited to now combine art and paintings with my writing career, providing additional offerings for my clients. I love the combination of images and words. I can create original art for advertising and marketing collaterals, brand art and product illustrations. I'm also having fun creating my blog and interviewing local businesses. All of this gives me the freedom to work with more of a variety of brands and projects, allowing me to have a fabulous freelance writing career. I look forward to writing and creating something unique for your brand!

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